These Unlikely Animals Formed Unbreakable Bonds, You’d Never Expect Them To Become Best Friends!

Love and friendship knows no species, and these animals are out to prove that. Throughout the last 12 months, animals have shown us the uncommon and unlikely bonds between them.

With the year coming to an end, InsideEdition looks back at some of the most unlikely animals that formed unbreakable bonds in 2016.

A handicapped Chihuahua became best friends with a chicken who would always ride around on the dog’s wheelchair. A rescue cat knew a dying cow needed a friend, so he helped comfort him and never left his side in a time of need. A stray cat wandered into the bear enclosure at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary, and never left! You’d think that maybe the bear would want to have the cat for dinner, but he was very gentle with the cat, and the two of them quickly became best friends! A rescue camel helped guide a blind horse through life. A lion, tiger and bear grew up together and were an amazing trio with an everlasting bond.

Watch the video below to see more unique friendships over the past year:

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