Pregnant Dog Left Struggling In The Bushes After Hit And Run Accident

Hurting an animal in any capacity is absolutely unforgivable. Sherry, a pregnant dog, was carelessly struck down by a driver – and the impact actually made the poor dog fly off into some bushes. A girl witnessed the entire incident.

The cowardly driver chose to take off in his vehicle, rather than stop and help Sherry, who he clearly saw injured, panicking, and struggling to get up. The girl who witnessed the scene, immediately called for help just as Sherry was beginning to lose consciousness. By the time help arrived, poor Sherry was barely functioning.

She was rushed to the hospital and given emergency medical attention. The vet treating her injuries noticed that she was very nervous and distressed, probably out of concern for her unborn puppies. The medical team helped to calm her down and get her some rest.

Thankfully, Sherry began to heal, and she was able to get up and walk again. Volunteers are taking very good care of her while she waits for the birth of her litter. Medical staff and volunteers are all in awe of her miraculous recovery and are hopeful that she will make a full recovery. They believe that her maternal instinct to protect her puppies is what kept her alive.

We wish Sherry all the love and positive vibes as she waits to deliver her babies. And hopefully, the little family will get all the love and forever homes they deserve. As for the driver who hit Sherry, we hope the guilt eats you alive.

Check out the video below to see Sherry’s heartbreaking rescue as well as her miraculous recovery:

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