Shelter Is Offering Rewards In Two Separate Cases Of Animal Abuse In Three Days

An animal shelter in Danville, Virginia, has had enough of seeing animal abuse cases. They are so tired of it that they are now offering rewards for 2 separate cases of animal abuse.

The Danville area Humane Society is offering a $1000 reward for a dog brought into their facility on Monday. The person who brought the dog into the facility said that it was thrown from a car.

Paulette Dean is the shelter’s executive director, who said that there is a lot of emotional trauma involved for the dog. The dog is too thin and has bad teeth.

8 cats, including 4 kittens were brought in on Saturday after they were found outside of a restaurant in Danville. Someone put them in a closed tote and left them.

$1000 is being offered as a reward for information involving those kittens. In addition, another $5000 is being offered as a reward by PETA.

“It’s horrifying that people would do this when, in each case, a 10-minute drive would have brought them to the shelter and our answer would’ve been, ‘Yes, of course we’ll take them,‘” said Dean, according to 10News.

The cats and the dog will eventually be made available for adoption. Anyone with information in the case can contact the shelter at 434-799-0843.

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