Angel Was Found On The Brink Of Death. When You See This Incredible Transformation, Your Jaw Will DROP.

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Angel, a rescue dog, was on the brink of death, when the animal rescue group, Rescue from the Hart, brought her in. She was horribly emaciated, too weak to stand on her own, and her organs were beginning to shut down. Thanks to these kind humans, Angel has made the most miraculous transformation!

For 11 months, the rescuers fed her, gave her love and helped her get healthy again on her road to recovery. They hand-fed her and lifted her up to help her learn to stand again while she gained her strength back. Eventually she was able to eat more and more and began to stand on her own.

Today, not only is she able to stand on her own. But she runs like the wind and looks healthier than ever! She went from 11 pounds to 37 pounds and has even found her furever home! Watch her amazing transformation video below, and make sure you have the tissues ready!

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