Dog Confiscated From Her Owners Due To Neglect, Finally Feels Love And A Bed For The First Time!

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A dog named Angel was confiscated from her owners due to neglect. After seeing how she used to look, it was very obvious that she wasn’t taken care of. Her body was covered with mange and burn marks and was extremely depressed. Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials rescued her and took her in.

During her treatment, they placed her into a foster home. This was the first time that she not only felt love, but also had a big comfy bed to sleep in. She rolled around in the blankets and loved every second of it!

Sidewalk Specials and Angel’s foster were unsure if Angel would ever find a home. But then the day came where someone finally wanted to meet her. It was love at first sight! They adopted Angel and gave her a forever home. Angel was their first rescue dog, and they were Angel’s first loving humans.

Angel also has new doggy siblings now that she gets to play with and learn from. Two months later, Angel looks like a whole new dog! Her mange went away and all of her hair grew back. She learned new tricks and was very well-behaved now. She enjoys running around on the beach, and even cuddling with the cats! She is so happy in her new life, and we are so grateful that she found her forever home.

Watch Angel and her amazing transformation in the video below:

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