This Easy-Going Monkey Looks So Relaxed While Being Groomed. But At The End When She Does THIS? I Totally Melted!

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Angel the monkey is an 18-year-old long-tailed macaque who lives at Misfitland, an animal shelter in Felicity, Ohio. Watch her as her human, Theresa Bullock, grooms her before going to the barn where she visits her baby kittens that she mothers. She’s cuter than I could have ever imagined!! You can’t miss this video. I bet you’ve never seen a monkey as patient and well-behaved as Angel!

She sits on the edge of the sink, drinking from her sippy cup while she gets her hands and feet cleaned. Then she extends her legs out and sits like a little human while she gets her ears cleaned with a q-tip. Next is the best part!! She gets brushed with a comb on her arms, face and under her chin, and she sports the most adorable look on her face! She looks so serious, yet so cute! At the end, she holds onto a toothbrush and brushes her teeth herself. What a good monkey!

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