She Recovered From Starvation, Then Was Diagnosed With Cancer. Now, She Finally Has Her Happy Ending!

START Rescue, located in Valley Village, California, had possession of a stray dog who was on the brink of death. They contacted The Dog Rescuers, a non-profit organization who rescues pups, and asked if they could foster this poor dog. She was extremely emaciated and so weak that she could barely walk.

They gave her the proper medical care and she was well on her way to a clean bill of health again. They named her Angel, and the name is very fitting! She is so sweet and got along perfectly with the other dogs at the rescue. But the bad news didn’t end there; sadly, they found out that she had cancer, but they still didn’t give up on her. She had the surgery required and is getting better! Even after all she’s been through, she is still so happy. She enjoys eating watermelon, playing with the other rescue pups, and swimming in the water. Watch Angel’s story in the video below:

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