This Baby Turtle’s Story Serves As A Message About The Threat Of Plastic Pollution To Marine Life…

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We all know that when litter gets into the ocean, it becomes very hazardous to marine life, harming them in ways we sometimes never see. Plastic pollution in Australia’s marine environment has become so widespread and doesn’t take long to harm the animals. This tiny three-week-old Green Turtle hatchling, later named Andrew, had eaten some plastic, thinking it was jellyfish. He was found on a central coast beach, covered in sand, lying on his back unable to move.

He was brought to Taronga Wildlife Hospital where he received treatment, and stayed there for 16 months before being released back into the ocean. They put a tracker on him so that they can discover where juvenile turtles go after they leave their nest, something that marine biologists have been unsure of. Watch his story below:

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