An Unlikely Pair

On February 18, we received a call from a concerned person (Jill) looking for a Pit Bull rescue. Jill said someone had dropped a Pit Bull and kitten off in her subdivision over the weekend and several of her neighbors were scared. “They were yelling that they were afraid to go outside because the dog would attack them,” Jill said. She was really worried about the dog because it was so cold outside and a few of the neighbors had been torturing him.

“They were throwing rocks and sticks at the poor thing,” Jill said. “It was obvious the dog was scared to death.” At one point the neighbors tried to go after the kitten that was staying close to the dog; that’s when the dog began barking and growling. “After that I saw the neighbor head around the back of the house with a bow and arrow chasing the pair. I was scared the dog would be killed,” she said. After explaining we are not allowed to pick up strays without notifying animal control, she said they had been called several times and no one responded. We said we’d see what we could do.

A couple of volunteers went out looking for the dog for over an hour. They had no luck. We talked with a couple of people who had seen the dog the day before, and earlier in the day; both times with the kitten beside it. When an exhaustive search turned up neither the dog nor kitten we called Jill to let her know we’d had no luck. She said one of her neighbors had opened his van and both the kitten and dog jumped in but when the dog began to “growl” he made the dog get out. We promised to keep looking and see what we could do for the dog.

Over the next few days, we continued trying to locate and catch the scared dog. Finally, animal control placed a live trap and let us know they had done so and keep them posted on the results. On February 21, the dog was found in the trap, he looked hungry and scared but not mean. Jill called us to let us know he was there, and asked we’d go get him before animal control ‘got him’. Off to the rescue – the neighbor with the kitten and I attempted to get the dog out of the trap, but couldn’t get it open so we called animal control for assistance.

Animal control had no luck getting the dog from the trap until he showed the big guy the kitten. Using the kitten to lure him to the opening of the trap we were able to get a leash around the dog. Success! After a can and several bowls of food, dog and kitten were loaded into our car with the well wishes from animal control and the neighbor.

This was truly a group effort. Neighbors worked together to keep an eye on the dog, they cared for the kitten, and kept our rescue up to date on the dog’s sightings. Animal control stepped up with the trap, and we brought the unlikely pair to safety.

Once we were in the car, it became clear that the dog, now Cobra, had missed his kitten. He sniffed it and whined throughout the ride when his kitten was out of his sight. Cobra is a 67lb. Pit Bull and his kitten, Kawana is only 5lbs. but they are best friends.  The only time Cobra showed any signs of distress at the vet’s office was when Kawana was out of sight. He’d whine and pant, if it took longer he’d howl until Kawana was returned to him.

This pair has been through some tough times. Cobra is about 10lbs underweight, and he has gashes on his side and face. His muzzle is scraped and bruised from trying to get out of the live trap. Kawana has a double fracture to his rear leg and bruising around his lungs, as if he was either thrown or hit by a car. Both are getting the medical care they deserve and when healthy will be neutered and put up for adoption.

If you’d like to help sponsor this adorable pair, please contact us.

Lou is an avid supporter of Pawzitive Petz Rescue.

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