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Dog Rescue Stories: Amos Escaped an Unsafe Home

“The best things in life are rescued”

Amos was found roaming the streets of Macleay Island after escaping his previous home, where he was being under fed and mistreated. The exact details are unknown, but his parents understand that he was surrendered to Redlands Pound before finding his way to RSPCA Queensland.

RSPCA Queensland is the leading animal welfare charity in Queensland and whilst Amos was with them, they desexed him, got him up to date with his vaccinations and treatments, and covered all of his vet bills.

Amos’ forever mom and dad were in the habit of checking the RSPCA adoption page every couple of weeks and happened to stumble across Amos and his cute little face.

He also had the most unique nose they had ever seen! They saw him on online on a Wednesday, fell in love with him immediately, and by midday Saturday of the same week, they were on their way home with Amos, ready to start their life together!

Amos was a year and a half when they adopted him and he has been in his forever home for just over two years. His mom never knew that she could love a dog as much as she loves Amos. Her life is now about giving him the best life he can have, which is the one that he deserves.

Amos is energetic, strong willed and fun loving. Everybody who meets him loves him as he is such a friendly and happy dog. His crazy antics bring a smile to everyone’s face and that sparkle in his eyes is the icing on the cake.

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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