At Long Last, Separated Dog And Cat Duo Find Forever Home Together

Ami, an 18-month-old Shepherd mix, and Mikaela, a 9-month-old brown Tabby, were both surrendered to a rescue group. Their owners were moving to another country and didn’t want to put their pets though the long quarantine process.

At the rescue, Ami was kept in a separate pen away from his kitty best friend because of their size difference. The rescue group, Volunteers in Defense of Animals, placed both of them at Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, in the hopes that Ami and Mikaela would be adopted together.

Photo: Helen Woodward Animal Center

At the shelter, Ami and Mikaela were finally reunited. You can tell how much these two love each other. Ami was so impatient and couldn’t wait for Mikaela to come out of her carrier. Once she came out, Ami showered her with kisses and licks.

You can watch their reunion in the video below. And the best part is, days later, Ami and Mikaela wound up getting adopted…TOGETHER! This adorable duo will now get to not only stay together, but will get to grow up together. I’m so glad these two never have to be separated ever again!

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