American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel is a medium-sized dog who loves to take on multiple duties. This breed has been used for retrieving purposes as well as for companionship as a family dog. With a strong build and active attributes, the American Water Spaniel needs plenty of outdoor time and exercise to keep it healthy and content. The American Water Spaniel is a hunting dog who displays disciplined mannerisms and is eager to please its owner by hunting to the fullest extent possible.

The American Water Spaniel weighs approximately 25 to 45 pounds and stands around 15 to 18 inches high at the shoulder.

The American Water Spaniel is a loyal family friend in addition to a hunting dog. When you bring this breed into your family, you are gaining a true companion for yourself and your family members. The American Water Spaniel gets along well with children and will treat them with love and kindness. Those who have an American Water Spaniel want to make sure that this pup gets enough exercise and will have time to play outside on a daily basis. This active breed needs to romp as often as possible and will be even more well behaved in the home if they get their much-needed exercise.

The American Water Spaniel takes well to obedience training and follows commands with ease. Whether you are going to use your American Water Spaniel as a hunting dog or simply want them to follow commands on a daily basis to be a well-mannered family dog, the obedience training is a good idea.

Grooming the American Water Spaniel is not too difficult due to his shorthaired coat. However, this breed still needs continual brushing each week to ensure that his coat stays as well groomed as possible.

The American Water Spaniel is a perfect companion for the family and makes an excellent hunting dog as well.

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