Rescue Dogs Compete In 10 Adorable Categories In Annual American Rescue Dog Show

The most anticipated and watched dog show is not one filled with purebreds, but is the American Rescue Dog Show.

Rescue dogs from across the country compete paw to paw in ten adorable categories. This year’s categories are: Best in Belly Rubs, Best in Couch Potato, Best in Ears, Best in Senior Dogs, Best in Snoring, Best in Special Needs, Best in Talking, Best in Underbite, Best in Wiggling, and Best in Wrinkles.

The two night event will be filled with mutts strutting their stuff and proving that rescue dogs are the best. Breed, color, confirmation, and bloodlines do not matter in this show. Each dog must be a rescue and will be judged based on the category.

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This will be the third American Rescue Dog Show and people cannot get enough of the wiggle butts and underbites. Aside from the ten categories, rescue dogs are vying for the title of Best in Rescue.

Best in Belly Rubs

The seven contenders for Best in Belly Rubs range from a Newfoundland named Clyde to a pug named Chubs. While some dogs will nudge their owners for belly rubs, other are a bit more demanding.

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Best in Couch Potato

Best in Couch Potato also has seven contenders. A banana loving St. Bernard named Abby is the ultimate couch potato and proud of it. Although, her competition is filled with other dogs who would pick the couch over playing fetch any day.

Hallmark Channel USA

Best in Ears

A dog’s ears can vary in size and shape but in Best in Ears, the bigger the better. While some ears stand up and others are floppy, the eight dogs competing in this category all have large ears.

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Best in Senior Dogs

Who can resist a gray muzzle?! Best in Senior Dogs has eight dogs that do not look or act their age. Rescuing a senior dog is such a rewarding experience.

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Best in Snoring

Snoring is not usually something that is praised, but it is when dogs do it. Even if the noise keeps their owners up at night, all is forgiven. Best is Snoring features seven dogs in all shapes and sizes that would love to claim that title.

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Best in Special Needs

Best in Special Needs shed a light on all the shelter dogs that need a little extra care. That doesn’t mean they don’t run, play and demand food like others dogs, but they may require some additional help. The seven dogs in this category range from a tripod to deaf and blind.

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Best in Talking

Dogs, just like people, have unique personalities and some can be very outspoken. Human children are not the only ones who talk back- Echo has mastered it as well.

Hallmark Channel USA

Best in Underbite

Nothing is more adorable than an underbite on a fur child. While most people strive for perfect teeth, these seven dogs prove that imperfection is perfection.

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Best in Wiggling

There is no better greeting than a wiggle butt and doggie kisses when you get home from a long day at work. So naturally, Best in Wiggle had to be one of the categories. Dogs wiggle their entire bodies, not just their tails, when they are happy. Seven dogs are hoping that their wiggle lands them the title.

Hallmark Channel USA

Best in Wrinkles

Best in Wrinkles is not just for senior dogs, actually one of the dogs contending for the title, Big Rig, is only a puppy.

Hallmark Channel USA

Read all the dogs’ bios and pick your favorite in each category. Then be sure to watch the 2020 American Rescue Dog Show on the Hallmark channel on February 16 and 17 starting at 8pm. Be sure to tell all your dog loving friends so they do not miss it.

The goal of the show is to encourage everyone to adopt. “With dogs you never know what is going to happen,” said host Rebecca A. Romijn. Best of luck to all the dogs, but they are all winners. Each has found a loving home and together they are raising awareness for shelter dogs. Hallmark posted, “Share a photo of your rescue with us (on Hallmark Channel’s Facebook page) and use #BestinRescue for a chance to win cash prizes!”

Get a sneak preview in the video below.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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