American Eskimos

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Is it their laughing grin, the knowing twinkle in their eyes, their mischievous antics, circus tricks, or all of the above? Silly hound!

They are not from America nor do they hail from the Arctic. American Eskimos (aka Eskies) are one of the many spitz breeds from Germany but is the one from which all variations were developed. They are the original spitz. But due to anti-German sentiments at the time, breeders changed their name from Spitz to American Eskimo.

First brought to America in the 1930s to work in circuses, these brave dandies can sport a tutu while riding a horse and jumping through fire hoops. Eskies are smart, eager, and can easily learn new tricks. If you are someone who likes to show off dog tricks to your friends, then this will be your clever companion and won’t let you down.

Eskies are prone to skin allergies, they are otherwise healthy, sturdy, dogs that live 14 years or more. My American Eskimo, Habibi, has terrible allergies that prompted me to develop an allergy relief shampoo for him. But boy is he a piece of work! Habibi comes from Kuwait and has a mind of his own. He always seems to invent surprising new ways to enjoy himself and get the attention he craves. I can see him thinking outside the box as he loves to put his own new spin on any old trick and turn it into a laughable surprise! Owning an American Eskimo is like having a personal court jester in your own home!

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