American Eskimo (Toy)

The American Eskimo Dog (Toy) has a wonderful temperament and is very loyal to his family. This breed loves the cold weather and enjoys a good amount of daily exercise.The American Eskimo Dog (Toy) likes nothing more than a good run outdoors. As a small breed, the American Eskimo Dog (Toy) fits well within almost any type of housing arrangement.

The height of the American Eskimo Dog (Toy) is approximately 9to 12 inches tall and weighs between 6 to 10 pounds.

The American Eskimo Dog (Toy) breed gets along well with children and has plenty of energy to keep the kids entertained. If you have other pets in the home, this should not be a problem for the American Eskimo Dog (Toy) as they get along well with other dogs and other pets as well. They are loyal to their owners and do pretty well with listening and training overall. This dog loves daily walks and playtime, which is essential to allow them to get the best exercise and get their energy out.

Grooming may be a bit more tedious with the American Eskimo Dog (Toy) than other breeds due to his thick fluffy coat. This dog has a luxurious coat that will need some upkeep to keep it as lovely as possible. With that said, a few brushings a week should keep the American Eskimo Dog (Toy) well groomed.

If you live in an apartment or small home and want to have an American Eskimo Dog as a companion, the Toy variety is a good choice. They will still need to get outdoors daily, but are certainly comfortable indoors, even in a smaller home. American Eskimo Dog (Toy) owners are lucky to have such a warm, outgoing and loyal dog breed in their homes.

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