American Eskimo Dog (Standard)

The American Eskimo Dog (Standard), also called an Eskie, is an intelligent dog with a lively spirit. Due to his cold weather heritage, the American Eskimo Dog (Standard) is happy in cooler climates and likes to get outside, especially in the brisk air.

This breed stands between 15 to 19 inches in height and weighs between 20 and 40 pounds. With his thick coat, the American Eskimo Dog (Standard) needs a good amount of grooming, usually 2 to 3 brushings per week, but more so during shedding times. Occasional trips to the professional groomer are also advisable due to the care which needs to be paid to the full coat of a breed of this type.

The American Eskimo Dog (Standard) is a protector, especially of his family. Therefore, this dog may not be overly friendly towards strangers, but is extremely loyal to the family. Daily walks and obedience training are advisable for this dog.The length and endurance level of the walks will depend on the size of your American Eskimo Dog (Standard) and the health of your particular pet. It is good to have a large area or yard for your American Eskimo Dog (Standard) to run around in as they often take long strides and need more room to romp. Keep in mind that the Eskie shows a great deal of independence but, with some general obedience training courses, this dog can be taught to obey commands with ease.

This dog exhibits generally good health attributes and has an approximate life span of 12 to 14 years. Patellar luxation is a minor concern for this breed, but overall has a good healthy outlook. Exercise and a good amount of attention and love will help to ensure that this dog lives a long and healthy life.

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