Amazon Leads ‘The Pack’ With Over 7,000 Dogs Registered To Come To Work At Their Headquarters

I think all of us with pets would agree that one of the saddest parts of our day is when we have to say goodbye in the morning. That is no longer a problem for many Amazon Employees.

The online retailer has made it clear that they have a pet-friendly policy and they want their employees to take advantage of it. Last year, more than 6,000 dogs were registered to come to the Amazon headquarters campus and this year, it is over 7,000!

Photo: Pexels / Lum3n

There are some 49,000 people who are employed at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle. That makes the dog to employee ratio roughly 1:7. They even picked the right place to head up their corporation because Seattle is known as a dog-friendly town. In fact, there are more dogs than children in Seattle.

Photo: Pexels / Lum3n

According to a list from, Amazon is at the top slot for the size of their network of pet sitters and dog walkers among pet-friendly offices in the United States. It discusses Amazon’s “on-campus dog park and plenty of free poop bags and treats”

Photo: Amazon

According to the same study, more than 75% of those who are allowed to bring their dog to work will continue to work for that same employer. Having a dog around is also great for stress relief and surprisingly, can boost productivity.

Although there are over 7,000 dogs registered with Amazon, not all of them are there every day. More than 800 dogs manage to make it on campus every day, and they are greeted with plenty of perks.

One of the perks is the lunches for dogs, including flank steak and cream-filled cannolis (pet-friendly, of course). In addition, there is a doggy day-care at the facility so the dogs can be cared for, just in case their humans have to go to a meeting.

In other words, life is good for dogs at Amazon.

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