What I Learned About Alternative Vet Care

As a rescuer of small poodles I never know exactly what type of health issues I might be facing. Rescues can have very sad, desperate backgrounds. They can come from large breeding farms to the all too common owner releases. They can be abused, frightened and generally broken in many tragic ways.

Our rescue, LUV4K9s uses a wonderful group of Veterinarians out of Columbus, OH called the Rascal Unit. They offer our rescue great service and loving care. But sometimes the dogs that are brought into my home have special needs.Sometimes these rescues need a different approach.

One of my poodles had been caged her entire life with five other females. All were considered breeders because they were to pop out cute puppies several times a year. Maggie had deformed legs. She was not going to produce the way the breeder wanted. This made her of no value to the breeder and she was going to be destroyed if at auction no one bought her. The Director of our group rescued her at the auction. When she came to me her back legs were a mess. Both patellas were fused. She appeared to be in lots of pain. She could not walk in a straight line, instead she always moved in a counter clockwise circle. One look and I knew she would be a special girl. Our veterinarian examined her and asked, “do you want the good news or the bad news?” The “good news” was that her legs were completely fused. The “bad news” was that her legs were completely fused. After the exam, the veterinarian prescribed daily doses of Medicam a strong pain reliever for Maggie. After several months of increasing dosage of Medicam I felt there had to be something else that could be done to make her life less painful.

That is when I started investigating veterinary alternatives.

I found a wonderful veterinarian who studied at Ohio State, and who after many years of private practice felt she must be able to do more than prescribe drugs and surgery. After much training in Eastern medical treatment and acupuncture, Dr. Sue started her practice in a little town called Yellow Springs. As word of her reputation spread, so did her client list. I began hearing about her from many associates in the dog world and from my neighbors as well. I scheduled an appointment for a 90-minute evaluation.

That was two years ago. We go to Dr. Sue every two months for acupuncture, adjustments, herbal supplements, and laser treatments. She has made Maggie’s quality of life much better. The herbs I add to her food are non-addictive. They help her spine and her flexibility. She sits like an angel during her acupuncture and the cold laser is used for her fused knees. Massage and small spinal adjustments help Maggie manage her daily pain.

I have found that several of the herbal tablets are just as effective on my pain as traditional pain killers. Have you heard of Traumeel? You can use it in tablet form. When chewed, it relives pain. Or if you have sore joints, rub in the gel and feel the relief! I have recommended several of my friends and fellow rescuers to Dr. Sue. All of the feedback I receive is positive.

All of this is only to suggest that you consider alternative types of veterinary care. It might just make the difference in your pet’s life.

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I hope you find these articles as interesting I did when I first started looking into alternatives for Maggie.

Have a wonderful day. And hug your pets tonight!

Jenet Mullins is a retired sales executive from the media industry. As a Poodle Parent she shares her experiences and true life situations as a rescue adopter. Find her at Mediagal on Twitter or Jenet Mullins on Facebook.

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