Striking black and white coats make the Tuxedo cat stand out from the rest. The name tuxedo comes along because their black and white coats often make them appear to be wearing the furry version of formal wear. While the tuxedo pattern is not always restricted to black and white cats, it is generally reserved for those who do display the black and white markings. The majority of tuxedo cats appear to be wearing a black mask over their head and their eyes, with the rest of their face being white.

To be considered truly tuxedo, the cat should have white fur only on their belly, chest, paws, throat, and parts of their face. The color of the pads of their paws and their nose leather can vary, depending on whether or not they have black fur on their feet or close to their nose. For example, if the tuxedo cat has white fur on his legs and paws, the pads are likely to be black. However, if his legs and paws have black fur then his pads could just be black. An interesting fact is that they may actually have different colors on their pads and their nose!

The tuxedo refers to the coloration and pattern of the coats and not to an actual breed. The tuxedo pattern can appear in many different cat breeds, including those with a shorthaired coat and a longhaired coat. Oriental cat breeds do not generally show this coat pattern and coloration, but it has been recognized in the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Maine Coon, the Manx, and many more.

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