Turkish Angora

One of the older natural cat breeds, the Turkish Angora cat originated in the region of Turkey known as Angora.

With a delicate bone structure, the Turkish Angora cat is petite in size with a medium long coat that is silky to the touch. They do not have an undercoat, which can make them a bit more desirable because of their reduced shedding.

While the Turkish Angora is typically known for having a silky white coat that shimmers in the sunlight, there are actually several dozen colors and coat patterns accepted for the Turkish Angora, including tabby, black, blue, and red. Due to their silky soft coat, it is recommended that owners of these petite cats groom them weekly to keep their fur free from tangles. They have a plumed tail that is very silky to the touch.

Their large almond-shaped eyes can be amber, blue, and green Some Turkish Angora cats are also odd-eyed, which means that they have one blue eye and one green or amber eye. White Turkish Angora cats with blue eyes or odd-eyed Turkish Angoras are often deaf or at least partially deaf — with the deaf ear being the one on the side of the blue eye. Deaf cats can lead a very normal life, especially if they are kept indoors.

Sweet, affectionate, and loyal, the Turkish Angora cat is a great addition to any family home. They can often be a little skittish around large dogs but typically do well living with them if they’ve been raised together.

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