A relatively new breed of cat, the Toyger is the result of selective breeding that has led to a domestic cat bearing a striking resemblance to the coat of a wild tiger. Careful selective breeding has resulted in small rounded ears, a whitened stomach and chest, and black markings that are reminiscent of the wild tiger.

The Toyger cat has an oval-shaped head with smallish round eyes that are wide set and dark brown or even hazel in color. Their small rounded ears are furry and set back on their head. Toygers have a broad and defined muzzle and a broad nose that closely resembles the wild tiger, but just on a miniature scale.

With a medium to large build, the Toyger cat is incredibly lean and muscular, without having the blocky build so often seen in larger cats. The Toyger cat is a very athletic cat that loves to jump to high spaces.

Toyger cats have uniformly short coats that may be somewhat thicker around their jowls, and may even have the appearance of a ruff, just like the wild cats that they have been bred to resemble. The color of their markings should be tan, brown, or black. The darker color of markings is much more desirable by devotees of the Toyger breed. Their coats should be a bright orange, almost the shade of a ripened pumpkin, with the very dark markings. The white on their coats should be completely snow white in color.

With vertical body stripes and circular markings on the legs, the Toyger cat should have markings on his belly and also on the inside of his legs. The pads of his paws and the tip of his tail should also be black in color.

The Toyger cat has simply been selectively bred to resemble the wild tigers. They have no wild genetic markers and have only the sweet disposition and affectionate nature of other domestic breeds.

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