A rare breed, the Snowshoe cat is not very frequently seen due to the difficulty that breeders have in reproducing the desired markings on their coats. Typically, the coat coloration sought after is point coloration, similar to Siamese cats, with the exception of white feet. But it can be very difficult to predict the coat patterns and colorations that will be present in any litter of kittens.

Each Snowshoe cat has a coat pattern that is unique to that cat; however, most of them are born pure white with their point coloration not appearing until they are a few weeks old.

A medium large cat with a triangular-shaped head, Snowshoe cats have shorthaired coats that are easy to care for. They don’t shed year-round and typically do a seasonal shedding, but regular brushing can help to eliminate a large shedding mess when the temperatures warm up.

These vocal and smart cats have been known to learn a wide range of tricks, including learning how to walk on a leash and sit or roll over on command. The Snowshoe cat is also said to be very fond of water and can sometimes be found paddling in the bathtub, swimming pool, or making a mess while playing with their water bowl.

With a sweet disposition, these cats are also known for their affectionate and sociable personalities that do not make them suitable for single cat households where they may be left along for long periods of time. They often do best in a home with another companion cat that can keep them company, play with them, and keep them out of mischief they would otherwise get themselves into if left on their own.

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