One of the smaller domestic cat breeds, the Singapura cat has several unique characteristics that distinguish this cat from others. The Singapura has large eyes, large ears, and a blunt tail that is shorter than the length of his body. This breed also has a brown ticket coat that is short in length and is also very fine to the touch.

There are some controversial claims that the Singapura cat is not a naturally occurring breed from Singapore and is actually the result of selective breeding between several Burmese cats.

Very muscular and stocky in build, the Singapura male can weigh up to 8 pounds with the adult females rarely weighing more than 5 pounds. They have pointed ears and large almond-shaped eyes that can be yellow, gold, green, or brown in color. There are few known health concerns with these petite cats, but some adult females have been known to have a genetic condition that makes it difficult for them to naturally go through the labor and delivery process. This can result in the death of the kittens and mother if a C-section is not performed.

The Singapura cat has been said to an incredibly active cat who is also very curious and nosy. They love to climb up to the highest spot in their home and perch there to observe their surroundings. Affectionate, cuddly, and sweet, the Singapura cat is also known to form strong bonds with their human companions and don’t enjoy spending much time on their own. It is often recommended that owners of a Singapura cat get two of them or at the very least have another feline companion for their Singapura cat to play with.

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