The Siberian Forest cat hails from Russia and is often thought to be the foundation for all longhaired cat breeds. This breed is very closely related to the Norwegian Forest cat in appearance, but is natural to Russia. There are some people who claim that Siberian Forest cats are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in those who are sensitive to cats, but it is typically recommended that those who have known allergies to cats spend time around one of these beautiful longhaired cats before they adopt one of their own.

With a powerfully muscular body, the Siberian Forest cat has a stocky build with a broad head and medium sized ears. There are no limits to the colors and coat patterns that are seen in the Siberian Forest cat, and even color-point and tabbies have been seen. Their fur is exceptionally long, but typically doesn’t require much in the way of specialized cat because their fur tends to be somewhat glossy, which reduces the risks of painful tangles and matting.

Unlike other longhaired cat breeds, Siberian cat breeds don’t shed year-round and, instead, go through seasonal shedding when the temperatures warm up.

Very independent and self-sufficient, the Siberian Forest cat is also an excellent mouser which makes them a popular breed for those who find themselves inundated with a rodent problem. They are also very affectionate and gentle when in households with small children, and do tend to form strong bonds with their human family. With lots of toys and activities, along with another feline companion, Siberian Forest cats can readily adapt to living indoors.

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