Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a robust cat who differs greatly from other Rex breeds in that they have normal length fur and they are not missing any parts of their coat. There are both shorthaired and longhaired coats and they have much more plush coats that actually look wooly. The curls of the coat are large and loose, giving them the appearance of recently having had a perm.

These large cats have round heads and also have round large eyes that could be any color, including green, blue, yellow, and brown. There are many coat colors and patterns for the Selkirk Rex, including white, chocolate, pointed colors, and even calico. Their medium-sized ears are prone to irritation due to their curly fur oftentimes bending inwards into their ear. Keeping the hair around their ears clipped can help to avoid this problem.

Their dense coat actually sheds a lot more than other breeds so it is typically not advised that those who are sensitive to the allergens cats produce own one of these cats.

They have a laid-back personality and are known to be incredibly playing and adventurous. The Selkirk Rex is a fun loving cat who is a great addition to a home with other cats, dogs, and even children. They are affectionate and typically form strong bonds with their human companion, which means that if they are rehomed during adulthood, it could have a hugely negative impact on their personalities. They could quickly become depressed as they pine for their former owners.

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