Russian Blue

The distinctive silver-blue coat of the Russian Blue cat is where this intelligent cat derives hisname. They are highly prized amongst devotees of the breed, due in large part to their sweet personalities and their very unique coats.

Russian Blues are shorthaired cats with beautiful blue-grey coats. Their coats are made up of short, but thick fur, and are called a double coat because the undercoat is the same length as their guards hairs are; and each hair is blue with silver tips at the end. Their coats are very soft and downy to the touch and the silver tips on each hair will give them a kind of shimmering appearance in the sunlight.

Dark brown or green eyes are most often seen in Russian Blues, but yellow does occasionally crop up every so often. They are moderately sized cats, with males weighing anywhere from seven to 14 pounds once fully matured. As with most cat breeds, the females are typically smaller than the males are.

Known for their high levels of intelligence, Russian Blues are very curious and nosy cats. They are active cats when the mood strikes them, and they do enjoying playing with a wide range of toys, but they are typically somewhat laid back and calm. Vocal and chatty, they form strong bonds with their human companions and also get along famously with children and other pets that they may live with. They are also known for being content to play with children, other cats, and even dogs that they have been raised with.

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