The beautiful Ragdoll cat has a very distinctive and striking color point coat thatis very silky and soft to the touch, and is just one of the interesting facts about these cats. The other is the origin of their name, Ragdoll. it comes from the fact that the original cats used in the first breeding programs had a tendency to go completely limp and relaxed when they were picked up. To this day, the Ragdoll cats tend to be very docile and relaxed when they are held or cuddled, which makes them a great addition to a family with children who are fond of picking up and cuddling their pets.

As one of the largest cat breeds, a mature male can weigh as much as 25 pounds, with the females weighing in slightly less at 20 pounds. This breed has a very sturdy and stocky body with a beautiful plush coat at that is actually lacking in a dense undercoat seen in many other longhaired breeds.

There are six official colors for the Ragdoll cats, including seal points, chocolate points, and even blue and cream. Some of the points are very light in color and may be just slightly darker than cream in color. All kittens are born completely white and don’t fully develop their coat coloration until they are about eight weeks old; their full coat coloration typically isn’t complete until they reach three years old. This type of slow maturation is fairly common in larger cats like the Ragdoll.

With brilliant blue eyes, Ragdolls are incredibly affectionate and gentle. They are known to be very intelligent, but also a little bit fearless and have even been known to get themselves injured by cars or dogs when they approach them without worry. A gentle temperament and docile nature makes them very popular with families looking for feline companions that will fit into a home with children and other animals.

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