Known for their incredibly sweet and friendly personalities, Ragamuffins have very thick fur that is very similar to the fur that rabbits have.

They have a muscular, rectangle-shaped physique that makes them feel a lot heavier than they appear to be at first glance. They have a broad head with round eyes that can be green, gold, or even blue.

Their coats are thick and incredibly plush. They don’t require a lot of extra care, however. Found in just about every possible coat pattern or coloration, including white, black, tabby, calico, and more, these cats have coats that are medium in length. They often have a bit of a belly on them, which isn’t necessarily indicative of an overweight cat but is more simply a trait of the breed.

Ragamuffin cats are incredibly pricey when purchased from a breeder, and can actually cost up to $2,000 for a single kitten purchased from a reputable breeder. Because of how much these cats cost it is rare to find them in rescue groups or shelters but it does definitely occur.

The personality of the Ragamuffin cat is truly what makes these cats so highly prized by devotees of the breed. They are sweet, calm, friendly, and incredibly loyal to those that they love. They prefer the company of their human companions, but it is typically recommended that they aren’t kept as lone cats because they do crave attention and companionship. Many people find that having two, or more, of these beautiful cats in their home is a great way to ensure plentiful affection and love from these sociable and sweet cats.

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