While some may claim that the Pixie-Bob cat is descended from the wild bobcat, and DNA testing has shown a few markers similar to the wild bobcats, they are considered to be wholly domestic.

Pixie-Bobs are very large cats and can be as heavy as 18 pounds; however, they tend to average about 11 pounds. They are slow growing cats and don’t fully reach maturity until they are four years old.

They closely resemble the wild bobcats with a very similar coat pattern, which is actually a highly prized trait for devotees of the Pixie-Bob. The majority of Pixie-Bobs are shorthaired cats, but it isn’t unusual to find one with medium length or even long fur. The bottom of their paws are black, with black fur. They also have black lips, black tips on their ears, and often have patches of black skin under areas even where their fur is white.

With triangular-shaped eyes on a pear-shaped head, Pixie-Bobs are typically born with blue eyes that gradually change to gold or green in color when they are a few months old. With their tails, or lack thereof, being an important characteristic of the breed, some of these wild looking cats have tails that are 2 to 4 inches long. Some actually are born with longer tails that may even be the same length as other breeds, and some have no tail at all. Some breeders dock the tails of those who are born with longer tails but this practice is typically frowned upon.

Pixie-Bobs are incredibly intelligent cats who are also very sociable, and often follow their human companions around so that they can be in the same room with them when they are home. They are known for being very vocal and have a range of chirps and chatters that they tend to use to communicate more than they meow. Some actually never meow at all.

Active, playful, and quick to learn their name and other commands, the Pixie-Bob is said to be very easy to train and can even be trained to walk well on a leash.

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