The Persian cat is a very popular longhaired cat breed who is characterized by long fur and a short stubby muzzle and face. Thought to hail from Persia, now known as Iran, the Persian cat is found in a wide variety of coat patterns and colorations, including calico, tabby, and tuxedo.


With a short and stocky build, Persian cats have shortened legs that can keep them from jumping up very high. They have a blocked rounded head with tufted round ears, and an extremely shortened muzzle with an upturned nose.The flattened face and upturned nose of the Persian cat can make them much more desirable to breeders, but it can also come with its own set of problems, including difficulty breathing and being at a higher risk of complications from upper respiratory illnesses.


One of the unfortunately hereditary illnesses that Persians are prone to developing is polycystic kidney disease. It can be detected using a genetic test, however. They are also prone to developing eye problems, including tearing eyes and an inward folding of their eyelids, along with degenerative eye disease. The Persian cat is also prone to problems during labor and delivery, with an almost 30 percent rate of stillbirth.


Persians can also develop skin problems, gastrointestinal problems, and are a lot more prone to developing urinary tract diseases.


Because Persian cats are longhaired, they require a fair amount of grooming in order to keep their fur healthy and free from tangles. Persian cats love attention, so they are generally very content to allow their owners to brush and comb their fur every day.


With a gentle and calm personality, Persians make excellent companion cats for those who live in apartments and houses alike. Affectionate, smart, and loyal, Persians are also great around other cats and also around dogs.

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