Oriental Longhair

Formerly known as the British Angora, the Oriental Longhair cat closely resembles the lean and elegant body style of the Siamese cat. In 2002, it was decided that this breed be renamed in order to avoid any confusion that could arise between the British Angora and the Turkish Angora cat.

Lanky legs that can allow the Oriental Longhair to jump to relatively high spaces hold up their almost tubular-shaped body. Their coat is longhaired, as reflected by the name of the breed, and is very silky soft to the touch. There are many colors and coat patterns seen in the Oriental Longhaired cat, including black, chocolate, cream, red, tortoiseshell, and more. All of the Oriental Longhaired cats have beautiful emerald green eyes. With the exception of white cats, they tend to have green or blue eyes or may even be odd-eyed with one green and one blue eye.

An interesting fact about the Oriental Longhair cat is that if they are bred to a Siamese cat or an Oriental Shorthair cat, all of the resulting kittens will be shorthaired. If those same shorthaired kittens are later bred with either longhaired or shorthaired cats, at least half of the resulting kittens will have long coats.

With a very sweet disposition, the Oriental Longhair cat is a great addition to a home. They can be highly energetic, so it is often recommended that more than one cat is kept in the home, especially since they won’t just play together but will also be good company when you are at work. Affectionate, and generally fun loving, the Oriental Longhair cat is a great choice even for families that might have small children and dogs.

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