Closely resembling a wild cat, the Ocicat is a wholly domesticated cat who doesn’t have any DNA markers for wild cats in its genetic history. The Ocicat has the wild coat colors and patterns seen in wild cats, like the Ocelot for which it was named, but has the mild temperament of a domestic cat.

There are typically 12 colors seen in the Ocicat, including chocolate, cinnamon, silver, and more. Their coats are spotted like their wild namesakes and often have stripes on their legs or their tails. They have muscular bodies that tend to lean towards the larger side.

Ocicats are very affectionate and sociable. They are very often said to have a cat’s body, but to be much more dog-like in their behavior. Owners of Ocicats find that they are very easy to train and can even learn to perform an impressive array of tricks generally thought to be unique to canines. Ocicats are even said to absolutely love water and can often be found swimming in bathtubs or simply playing with water in their water dish.

They are very friendly and demanding of attention, which makes them a great addition to a family that is looking for a cat who interacts well with every member of the household, including dogs and other cats. Those who are interested in owning an Ocicat should be aware that these are cats who will definitely demand a lot of attention and can even be a bit pushy about demanding that attention. They are great for those looking to spend a lot of time with their cats, but they can quickly become bored and even depressed without social interaction.

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