The Nebelung cat is a beautiful, rare, and relatively new breed. The key features of this breed include having  a long and lean body, a long neck and legs, and a long tail that’s soft and bushy. They are sturdy cats with well-muscled bodies. The breed’s longhaired coat feels very silky to the touch and is blue-grey in color, with the ends of each hair tipped with silver. The Nebelung also has an under layer, which is just as soft as the one above. The hair on their tails is longer than that on their body.

Nebelung cats have tufts of fur between their toes and behind their ears, and many develop a ruff or mane around their neck.

A large cat that is slow to mature, the Nebelung can take a full two years to completely develop its coat. This breed is relatively large. Males can weigh up to 20 pounds when fully mature.

Nebelung cats have wedge-shaped heads with large, pointed ears. Their eyes are oval shaped, and vary between green and yellow green.

Nebelung cats are known to be incredibly fun cats to live with. They are energetic, with playful dispositions that often camouflage the fact that they are highly intelligent. These active cats are well suited to living indoors, despite their high levels of energy. They are loyal and affectionate with their human companions, but tend to by wary of strangers. They are also known to be somewhat fussy about the condition of their litter box, and even of the types of food that they offered, and they may need more time than other cats do to adjust to changes in their environment.

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