A lot of controversy surrounds the Munchkin cat as some people believe that selectively breeding cats to enhance genetic mutations is unhealthy for the cats that are produced. Munchkins are characterized by unusually short legs, similar to the legs that dogs like Corgis and Dachshunds have.

However, where short-statured dogs tend to be prone to spinal problems, the Munchkin breed typically does not suffer with them. In fact, X-rays of the Munchkin’s spine have shown them to be almost identical to the spines of other cats.

While some people still maintain that Munchkins will have a difficult life, those who own them report that they do not let their short stature slow them down in any way, shape, or form. They tend to be small-sized cats, with the females weighing up to eight pounds and the males weighing up to nine pounds.Their coats can be both shorthaired and longhaired, with a range of colors and patterns.

Their legs can sometimes be bowed, with the hind legs often somewhat longer than their forelegs. Their shortened legs do not seem to prevent them from running around, jumping up to high spots, and leading very normal lives. In order to continue the breed, Munchkins are often bred with standard-sized domestic cats. There is only a 50 percent chance that the kittens will be born with shortened legs, however.

Playful, affectionate, with a gentle nature, Munchkins are known for being outgoing and smart cats who love spending time in the company of their human family. They don’t allow their short stature prevent them from tackling anything that they set their minds to.

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