With a naturally occurring mutation resulting in a shortened tail, the Manx is easily recognizable. While best known for being completely tailless, some have a stubbed tail. The suppressed tail is a highly desirable trait, but it cannot be forced by breeding two tailless cats. In fact, many breeders have learned the hard way that attempting to force tail suppression can actually lead to several potentially fatal genetic disorders. Some of the cats born with partial tails are unfortunately, prone to the development of a rare and very painful form of arthritis.

Manx are relatively small cats with broad chests and are typically lean and muscular. They have long rear legs that are longer than their forelegs, which can give them a hunched appearance. They have a characteristic round head with small noses and relatively large ears. Their prominent round eyes are typically green or yellow.

The Manx is found in a range of coat patterns and colorations, but it is rare to find a Manx who is completely white. The Manx can be both longhaired and shorthaired, but the longhaired Manx are often thought to be a different breed entirely.

Known to be excellent hunters, the Manx are often sought out by those who have problems with mice and rats. They are also often seen stalking prey that is even larger than they are— they are truly fearless little hunters.

As companions, Manx cats are sociable and friendly with their human companions. They are also highly active cats, which can make them a bit of a challenge in an apartment setting, but they can be kept content with a selection of toys and a feline companion to keep them occupied.

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