Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat has a distinctive coat and appearance that sets this breed apart from other domestic breeds. This breed is well known for his large body frame, boxy body shape and the beautifully longhaired coat. While the exact origins of the Maine Coon cat remain unknown, there are myths that claim they are the descendants of raccoons and domestic cats. This, of course, is a genetic impossibility, but it does make for a fun anecdotal story. Another theory that might hold a bit more merit is that the Maine Coon is the ancestor of a crossbreeding between wild Bobcats and domestic felines. This could actually provide an explanation for the tufts of fluff that they have on their ear tips – just like Bobcats.

A brilliantly smart cat, the Maine Coon is also an incredible hunter, which makes them a first choice for properties that are plagued with mice, rats, and even birds. These cats are amongst the largest of domestic cat breeds and the males can weigh as much as 25 pounds. The females tend to be a little bit more on the diminutive side, but can still also reach a hefty 17 pounds.

With a broad chest and solid muscular body, the Maine Coon has a very silky soft coats that is usually longhaired, although some medium-length coats can be found. They tend to have a ruffled mane-like accumulation of hair around their neck, which is very distinctly a feature to the Maine Coons. Unlike other longhaired cats, their coats do not require much in the way of grooming and care. While they will certainly enjoy and benefit from a good brushing, their coats are typically free from tangles so often seen in other longhaired breeds.

Maine Coons can be found in a range of colors and patterns, with no restrictions as to what combinations may be found. Their eyes can be green, golden, amber, and even brown and blue. A fair number of Maine Coon cats are also polydactyl cats, which means that they have one or several extra toes on their feet.

With above average intelligence, Maine Coons are known to be very easy to train. They are gentle, loyal, affectionate, and laid back even in the busiest of households with children and dogs. They also tend to be somewhat vocal, often found to be chattering to their owners in greeting or holding conversations.

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