The LaPerm cat, as the name would indicate, has a distinctive curly coat that is a type of Rex breed, but is not genetically related to any of the other Rex breeds. The gene responsible for their curls is a dominant gene, so the majority of kittens from any LaPerm litter are very likely to display the characteristic curly fur.

They are slender, elegant, and very athletic with long lanky legs. They are medium in size and have a wedge-shaped head with a broad muzzle, flared ears, and relatively large almond-shaped eyes. Their coats can be seen in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including calico, tabby, and the points seen most often in the oriental breeds. Their curls cover their entire body, but are more tightly wound around the base of their ears, their throat, and on their bellies. The LaPerm cat can be longhaired or shorthaired.

Devotees of this breed describe the texture of the coat as unique. It is not rough, wiry or silky. It is reported to feel somewhat similar to mohair, and is soft and springy to the touch. True LaPerm cats will not have the heavy undercoat that other breeds have, which can make them more sensitive to cooler climates.

LaPerm cats are affectionate and loyal, and make great companion cats. They are superb hunters if they are allowed to go outside, but they tend to be perfectly content living as indoor cats so long as they have a companion to help keep them entertained.

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