The Korat cat is a natural breed who originated from Thailand. The term, “natural,” refers to the fact that they have not been selectively bred to encourage specific traits or coat colors. These slate-blue, shorthaired cats are relatively small in build, and are typically slender and lean. They can, however, have somewhat cobby bodies and are surprisingly heavy when picked up, due to their lean muscle mass.

Korats have heart shaped heads and vivid green eyes that are somewhat larger than those of other breeds. Their blue or grey shorthaired coat is very distinctive, and is the only color that these cats are naturally found in, with the possible exception of certain white markings on their coats that could be faint or very prominent. Presence of these marks will exclude a cat from the show ring, but obviously doesn’t affect their reputation as loyal pets. Selective breeding throughout the years by breeders outside of Thailand has resulted in the introduction of several other coat colorations and patterns, but they are not truly be considered to be pure Korats. In Thailand, they are considered good luck to have in households, and are often given as gifts to newlyweds.

Korat cats are friendly, affectionate, and have been known to form very strong bonds with their human companions. They tend to thrive better in households that have at least one other cat for company, or a person who is home a lot to keep them entertained and prevent them from getting lonely.

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