Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail has a very distinctive bobbed tail that is closer to the type of nubby tail seen in rabbits than the long tail seen in cats. Thought to have originated in Japan, this recessive mutation supposedly first seen in the feral cats who lived in Japan in the 1600s.

Considered today to be a rare breed, the Japanese Bobtail has large, wide-set ears that give the cat the appearance of constantly being alert. With a triangle-shaped head, this cat has large, oval eyes that can be any color found in domestic cats, including green and amber.

The Japanese Bobtail has long, slender legs with oval paws, and a slender, medium-sized body. These rare cats have great balance and incredible muscular strength that is thought to have developed to compensate for the balance that longer tails offer other cat breeds.

Their coats can be shorthair or longhair, and come in a range of colors and coat patterns. The calico Japanese Bobtail, however, is most prized in Japan due to the belief that calico cats are lucky to have in the home.

Because the bobbed tail is a recessive mutation, it is necessary that both parents are bobtailed if the expectation is to get a littler of bobtailed kittens. While the majority of other cat breeds can have up to 10 kittens in a litter, Japanese Bobtails tend to have smaller litters with kittens who are larger when compared to other newborn kittens.

Considered to be a talkative breed, the Japanese Bobtail is a sociable and smart cat who can be relatively easy to train. Affectionate, active, and playful, the Japanese Bobtail is best suited in homes that have more than one cat.

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