The Havana Brown is a very lanky and elegant cat who is thought to have originated in Thailand, where this breed was revered as a way to banish evil. The two great World Wars greatly damaged the breeding programs of a great many cats, including the Havana Brown cat. However, several devotees of the breed strove to revive the breed. The breed was successfully revived when a cat breeder bred a chocolate point Siamese cat with a black shorthaired cat. The result was a cat with the slender physique of a Siamese, but the yellow or green eyes and a solid brown coat.

The breeding pool for the Havana Brown is relatively small, which makes this breed somewhat of a rare and even endangered breed.

The Havana Brown cat is a medium-sized cat who is prone to becoming rather chunky when overfed. They are muscular cats with shorthaired brown coats. Some may have coats that lean more towards being a reddish brown shade. Their coats should be solid in color and there should be no markings on their coats in order for them to be considered true Havana Browns.

They bear a striking resemblance to the Siamese cat with the wide head and pointed snout. They have pointed ears and tend to have green eyes, unlike Siamese cats that generally have blue eyes. Havana Brown cats should also have brown or reddish brown whiskers. The males tend to weigh more than the females, and can weigh up to 12 pounds.

These chatty little cats are known to be very intelligent and curious. Affectionate and playful, the Havana Brown is a great addition to a family with other cats and even dogs.

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