Exotic Shorthair

Originating from the longhaired Persian cats, the Exotic Shorthair cat was specifically bred in order to create a shorthaired version of this popular cat. The appeal of the Exotic Shorthair is that they have the classic look of a Persian, along with their familiar personality traits, but have a much easier to manage and maintain coat. This has earned the Exotic Shorthair the moniker of the lazy person’s Persian cat.

While the Exotic Shorthair cat has inherited many of the favorable features of the Persian, including the temperament and body shape, they have also inherited some of the less desirable health problems that Persian cats are prone to developing.

These cats are compact and rounded in appearance with a muscular build that belies their chunky appearance. They have small, round ears atop a broad and rounded head with large, round eyes set above the short and snubbed nose familiar to the Persian cats. Their eyes can range from green to golden and even blue.

The Exotic Shorthair cat may have a shorter coat, but they still have the tufts of hair between the toes on their paws like their longhaired relatives. Their coats can be in all of the same colors that their longhaired counterparts are known to have, from solid white to ginger tabby.

Exotic Shorthair cats share the calm personality of the Persian cat, but tend to be a lot more energetic. They prefer the company of another cat or their human companions rather than being on their own. They are very affectionate cats that love to curl up on a warm lap or against their humans at night.

Soft spoken, the Exotic Shorthair rarely meows, but is known for being a solid purr machine when in the company of his or her beloved human.

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