Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau cat is one of the few breeds of domestic cat that have a naturally spotted coat, leading many to believe that they may descend from the African wildcats. Their ancestors are often seen depicted in the Ancient Egyptian murals.

These small and agile cats are excellent hunters and were said to have been used to aid in hunting in Ancient Egypt. Slender with a muscular build, they have a few significant anatomical differences from other domestic cat breeds, such as front legs that are slightly shorter than their hind legs. These elegant cats are thought to the fastest of all domestic cats, which is one of the reasons that they made such excellent hunting companions. Much like Cheetahs have a flap under their belly that allows their legs to stretch further out, and therefore run faster, the Mau has a similar belly flap.

Egyptian Maus are generally found in five colors, including black, silver, bronze, smoke, and blue. They have shorthaired coats that do not need a lot of maintenance. In fact, owners of this rare breed will tell you that it is best to avoid washing them or grooming them much unless you are willing to get scratched and bitten. An interesting point about the Egyptian Mau is that the majority of purebred Maus will have a marking on their forehead in the shape of an M or something that resembles the shape of a beetle.

While the Egyptian Mau is an agile hunter and very strong, they generally tend to be more sensitive to temperatures than other cats, with their preferences being warmer temperatures. They are also a lot more sensitive to many of the medications offered to cats, making even anesthesia a risky proposition for a Mau.

The Egyptian Mau is known for being incredibly vocal, having a wide range of chirps, squeaks, and chatters that are very unique to their breed. Loyal to his owners and friendly to new people, the Egyptian Mau is a great addition to a family. They even enjoy learning to play fetch and other fun games.

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