The Donsky cat is a hairless breed that is originally from Russia. While it might bear a striking resemblance to the more familiar Sphynx cat, they are actually not related. The hairlessness in the Sphynx cat is the result of a recessive gene; however, the hairlessness seen in the Donskoy cat is a dominant gene.

A medium -sized cat, the Donskoy cat is also very muscular with a long and lean body. These cats have almond-shaped eyes and relatively large ears. One of the distinguishing features of these cats, aside from their hairless bodies, is that they have very long webbed toes.

Despite their lack of a coat, the Donskoy cat requires a fair amount of cat to his skin. They should not be permitted to be outdoor cats as they are unable to withstand much in the way of extreme cold temperatures. They are also prone to getting sunburn on their delicate skin, just like their fellow hairless cats, the Sphynx. Owners of the Donskoy cats are often tempted to bath them frequently, but it has actually been demonstrated that bathing them too often will result in their skin becoming too oily.

Sweet personalities with a bit of a mischievous side, the Donskoy cat adapts well to a life indoors; especially in an area where temperatures dip really low. They are often best suited to living in a household with another cat.

Experts believe that there might be a few health concerns related to the hairless Donskoy cat, which is why there are many cat registries around the world that won’t recognize the Donskoy cat as a unique breed.

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