Often thought of as being the longhaired variety of the Manx cat, the Cymric cat shares many of the physical and personality traits of the Manx. The primary difference between the two is the longer coat that the Cymric cat has.

Like the Manx, the Cymric cat is generally born without a tail. Although some might have tails that are as long as the standard cat tail.

Muscular with a medium large body structure, the Cymric cat can weigh up to 13 pounds with the female Cymric weighing slightly less than the male. They have compact bodies and widely spaced ears that sit atop rounded heads. The Cymric cat can be found in all coat patterns and colorations, and their rounded eyes can be blue, hazel, yellow, green, and copper.

There are four types of tails seen in Cymric cats, with the cats that are born almost entirely free from a tail being the most prized of this breed. Many breeders dock the tails of Cymric cats who are born with longer tails in order to increase the value of the cats. It is not possible to predict the length of tails that will appear in a litter of Cymric kittens, even if both parents are almost entirely free of a tail.

Cymric cats are said to be very intelligent and playful cats that are loyal to their human companions. They have an easy going nature that can help them to get along with dogs and other cats. While they are definitely very playful cats, they are also very gentle and will rarely strike out at their humans.

Just like their Manx cousins, Cymric cats are very fond of water and may even splash in the bathtub if their owner put a tiny bit of water into it for them.

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