Cornish Rex

The distinctive Cornish Rex has a very fine, very soft, and sometimes curly coat that sets him apart from other breeds. The majority of cat breeds have three types of hair in their coats:

  • They have the soft undercoat, or down.
  • They have the middle layer known as the awn hair.
  • They have the outer hair, known as guard hairs.

The Cornish Rex has only the soft undercoat covering his body. It can sometimes be slightly curly, but this is a different mutation than that seen in the Devon Rex. The very soft and light coat of the Cornish Rex makes them best suited to being indoor cats because they are very prone to hypothermia when temperatures dip too low. They do, however, tend to have a higher body temperature than other cats, and are most often found sleeping in the warmest spots in the house.

Slender and sleek with long legs, the Cornish Rex loves to run and is often referred to as the Greyhound of the cat world because of its galloping run. The Cornish Rex is known for being curious, adventurous, and even acrobatic. They love spending time with their human companions, and are often seen seeking out their humans just to see what they’re doing.

The Cornish Rex is generally very calm and relaxed around other cats and dogs, and is also known to be a great pet to have around small children.

They can have a wide variety of coat patterns and colorations, including solid colors, tabby, tuxedo, calico, and even the color point pattern seen in the Siamese cat.

Many people mistakenly believe that the Cornish Rex is hypoallergenic because of its very short coat; however, the truth is that it is not the hair that people tend to be allergic to. It is actually a protein in cat saliva. Before getting a cat, it is generally recommended that you spend time around them in order to determine your potential for having an allergic reaction to felines.

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