The Chinchilla Persian cat is closely related to the standard Persian cat, but there are a few key differences between the two. The Chinchilla has a nose that is slightly more elongated than the standard Persian, which can actually result in healthier breathing than Persians. Persians generally struggle from respiratory problems that can make it difficult for them to breathe in more humid climates.

The Chinchilla Persian is also a lot less prone to the tearing up of the eyes that is commonly seen in the standard Persian. Eye tearing can be uncomfortable for the cats and can also result in discoloration in the fur around their eyes.

The coat of the Chinchilla Persian should be longhaired and pure silver or pure white in color. The very tips of the hair could be black in color and often results in the appearance of eye and lip liner on these fluffy cats. The black-tipped hair can also give them a somewhat sparkling and shimmer appearance, especially in the direct sunlight. With the characteristic blocky head of a Persian, the Chinchilla’s rounded eyes are generally blue or emerald green.

These quiet and gentle cats are longhaired, which means that their coats require a fair amount of maintenance in order to keep it looking and feeling silky to the touch. Brushing them daily can help to keep their fur free from tangles and from getting matted, and it can also help to reduce the shedding that these cats are so well known for.

With an even temperament, the Chinchilla Persian cat is a great addition to just about every family, with the exception perhaps of families that have younger children who may be a little bit too rough with this sweet and gentle cat.

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