These wild-looking cats came about when a domestic cat was bred to a non-domestic cat known as the Jungle Cat. However, the Chausie cat today is almost entirely domesticated as it is generally far removed from any wild ancestors. They are entirely domestic in nature and only have the look of a wild cat, which is what makes them highly desirable.

Thought to have originated in Egypt, the Chausie cat is a fierce and successful hunter of rodents and other small prey. This makes them great mousers to have around a home. While the breed may have originated several thousand years ago when domestic Egyptian cats mated with wild cats, they have only recently been reintroduced to the cat world by a group of breeders looking to revive the breed and get it recognized.

The majority of Chausie cats who are in households today are at least four generations removed from their wilder side and display only domestic temperaments, despite still retaining the much desired wild look.

These tall and lean cats are medium sized with long lanky legs. They are deep chested and should remain at a healthy weight in order to retain their lean looks.

They have prominent cheekbones and eyes that are oval in shape. Their ears are large and pointed, set high atop their lean and angular heads. With a short coat that is much like their wild ancestors, they are most often found in three primary colors. They could be black tabby, brown-ticked tabby, or solid black.

Adult female Chausie cats tend to weigh between six and 12 pounds, while the adult males tend to weigh between nine and 16 pounds. These athletic cats are large and wild in appearance, but are generally full of energy and fun. They are said to be intellectual cats with a deep curiosity that lasts long into adulthood.

While some cats are perfectly content to be only cats, Chausie cats prefer spending time around other cats or their human companions. One trait that this breed is known for is the deep bond that they form with their human companions and can quickly become depressed if they are rehomed as adult cats.

An interesting fact about the Chausie breed is that they are prone to developing food allergies, which can make living with them a little bit more complicated. Work closely with your veterinarian on selecting a diet that is safe for your Chausie.

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