Hailing originally from Burma, the Burmese cat is known for its high levels of intelligence, and for being incredibly vocal. They are often heard calling to their owners or holding chatting conversations. Their meowing is not as deep as the Siamese cat and tends to be a lot softer and higher pitched.

This shorthaired cat’s coat has a reputation for being incredibly satiny soft to the touch and is very easy to care for, as it is not prone to tangling or matting. Often on the smaller size, Burmese cats tend to grow no larger than 12 pounds when they are fully matured. The colors of their coats can vary greatly and they also tend to have similar point pigmentation of Siamese cats in that the cooler areas of their body may have darker pigmentation.

The Burmese cat is a little bit different from other breeds in that they tend to form really strong bonds with their owners and prefer to spend time with company. They are not happy when left alone for an extended amount of time so if you are considering adding a Burmese cat to your family, you should consider getting two of them so that they do not get lonely and depressed.

Burmese cats are known for being curious and energetic, and are also easy to train. Many owners have reported that they have taught their cats to play fetch and also to walk on a leash. These beautiful cats can make a good addition to any home, even a home that has small children, other cats, and dogs.

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