British Shorthair

The most popular cat breed in the United Kingdom, the British Shorthair cat is thought to have arrived in Britain when the Romans arrived. They then bred with native wild cats, and later were crossbred with Persians to improve their coat thickness.


As their name implies, the British Shorthair cat has fur that is short in length and is dense and plush. Their coats can be any number of colors and patterns, with the blue-grey color being incredibly popular.

They are large and sturdy cats, with males weighing as much as 20 pounds and females weighing as much as 14 pounds. With a broad chest and shoulders, their legs are not as long and lanky as other breeds. They tend to have shorter legs that still allow them to be effective mousers.


They have large, round eyes that are very prominent and can range from golden to copper or even green in color. The nose of the British Shorthair is often described as being a snub nose, with their rounded head giving them something of a blocked appearance.


Known for their calm demeanor, British Shorthairs enjoy spending time around their owners, but don’t necessarily enjoy being held or petted too often. They are playful when the fancy strikes them, but they aren’t known for being high-energy cats.


Very curious and content cats, British Shorthairs are generally quite happy to be indoor cats on their own or share their home with another cat.The average lifespan of the British Shorthairs ranges between 15 and 20 years, which will provide you and your family with a beloved and affectionate companion for a very long time.

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