One of the defining characteristics of the Bombay cat is this breed’s jet-black coat. These types of Burmese-like cats have black noses, toes, and a sleek black coat that is solidly black all the way to the roots. This shorthaired breed holds many of the same personality characteristics of the Burmese cat in that they are often heavy-built cats with muscular bodies. Male Bombay cats can often weigh as much as 20 pounds, with the females weighing as much as 18 pounds.

Their almond-shaped eyes can be golden or copper in color. Their alert ears are average sized, but typically black all over.

Bombay cats tend to bond closely to one person in the family, but they love attention from all of the members of the family. They are even well behaved and well suited to live in a home with small children but always supervise their interactions

These affectionate and intelligent cats typically don’t like to be left on their own for extended periods of time so it is often advised that they live in a household with at least one other cat for company. Bombay cats are playful, even well into adulthood, and can often be found getting themselves into mischief all in the name of seeking the attention of their owners.

With a very distinctive and loud purr, Bombay cats love to curl up next to or on top of their owners, especially on those chilly winter nights. They can also be a little bit vocal but typically are not known for being loudly obnoxious, meowing cats.

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